Top Home Remodeling Ideas To Remodel Your Home With Arsight

By Artem Kropovinsky, Interior Designer and Founder of Arsight |
October 2, 2023

As homeowners, we constantly seek ways to enhance our living spaces and make them more functional, stylish, and comfortable. Home remodeling provides the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into our homes and reflect our evolving tastes and needs. Whether you're looking to update a specific room or revamp your entire home, Arsight is your go-to partner for top-notch home remodeling ideas. In this blog, we will explore some of the most popular and innovative remodeling ideas offered by Arsight to create your dream home.

Living Space in Chelsea Apartment, by Arsight

Embrace Open Concept Living

One of the most sought-after remodeling ideas is to embrace open concept living. Arsight specializes in transforming traditional floor plans into spacious, open layouts that seamlessly connect different areas of the home. By removing walls and barriers, we create a sense of continuity and flow, making your home feel more expansive and welcoming. Open concept living allows for better interaction between family members and maximizes natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Revitalize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and remodeling it can have a profound impact on your daily life. Arsight interior design studio can revitalize your kitchen by combining aesthetics with functionality. From modernizing the cabinetry and countertops to installing energy-efficient appliances and smart storage solutions, we will create a kitchen that caters to your culinary needs while exuding style and elegance. Whether you desire a contemporary, farmhouse, or minimalist design, Arsight can turn your dream kitchen into reality.

Luxurious Bathroom in Brooklyn Townhouse, by Arsight

Create Luxurious Spa-Like Bathrooms

Imagine starting and ending your day in a luxurious spa-like bathroom. Arsight specializes in creating bathrooms that offer a serene and relaxing retreat from the outside world. From elegant fixtures and spacious walk-in showers to soaking tubs and beautiful vanity designs, we infuse opulence into every aspect of your bathroom. Their attention to detail ensures that you can indulge in a pampering experience right in the comfort of your home.

Embrace Smart Home Technology

In the digital age, integrating smart home technology has become a must for modern homeowners. Arsight excels in incorporating state-of-the-art smart home features into their remodeling projects. From automated lighting and thermostats to smart security systems and entertainment centers, their expertise in home automation enhances convenience, energy efficiency, and home security.

Create Functional Home Offices

As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, having a functional and inspiring home office has become essential. Arsight can design a personalized home office space that encourages productivity and creativity. From ergonomic furniture and proper lighting to integrating smart technology, Arsight ensures your home office is optimized for work while reflecting your personal style.

Incorporate Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Energy efficiency is a top concern for modern homeowners. Arsight can help you incorporate energy-efficient upgrades into your remodeling project, from installing energy-saving windows and doors to upgrading insulation and using sustainable building materials. These upgrades not only reduce your carbon footprint but also lead to long-term cost savings on energy bills.

Streamlined Kitchen Space in Scarsdale House, by Arsight

Optimize Storage Solutions

A clutter-free and organized home is a happier and more functional home. Arsight specializes in optimizing storage solutions to make the most of your available space. From custom-built closets and shelving to hidden storage nooks and built-in cabinetry, we create clever solutions that keep your home tidy and maximize your storage capabilities.

Embrace Timeless Design Elements

While following trends can be exciting, Arsight understands the importance of incorporating timeless design elements that stand the test of time. We strike a balance between modern trends and classic design aesthetics, ensuring that your remodeled home remains stylish and relevant for years to come.

Incorporate Sustainable Materials

In line with their commitment to sustainability, Arsight encourages the use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials in home remodeling projects. From flooring options made of reclaimed wood to countertops crafted from recycled materials, we prioritize environmentally responsible choices that reduce the carbon footprint of your home. By incorporating sustainable materials, Arsight not only contributes to a greener planet but also creates a unique and aesthetically pleasing space that reflects your eco-conscious values.

Redesign Your Living Room for Comfort and Style

The living room serves as the central gathering space for family and guests, making it essential to create an inviting and stylish atmosphere. Arsight interior designers can redesign your living room to strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. From selecting the right furniture pieces and arranging them for optimal flow to adding cozy textiles and accentuating with decorative elements, we create a welcoming space that resonates with your personal taste.

Master Bedroom Retreats

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary where you can unwind and recharge after a long day. Arsight studio specializes in transforming ordinary bedrooms into luxurious master bedroom retreats. By incorporating calming color palettes, plush bedding, and ambient lighting, we create an ambiance that promotes relaxation and restful sleep. From walk-in closets to en-suite bathrooms, Arsight ensures your master bedroom is a serene escape tailored to your preferences.

Upgrade Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient upgrades not only reduce your environmental impact but also lead to substantial savings on utility bills. Arsight can perform a comprehensive energy audit of your home and recommend upgrades such as energy-efficient windows, improved insulation, and energy-saving appliances. By incorporating these upgrades into your remodeling project, Arsight ensures that your home is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible.

Custom Built-ins and Storage Solutions

No matter the size of your home, optimizing storage space is crucial to maintain a clutter-free environment. Arsight excels in designing custom built-ins and storage solutions that seamlessly integrate with your home's architecture. Whether it's creating a built-in entertainment center, a functional home office desk, or custom shelving units, we maximize space utilization while adding a touch of elegance to your interiors.

Thoughtful Lighting Design

Lighting plays a significant role in setting the ambiance of your home. Arsight interior designers understand the importance of thoughtful lighting design and how it can transform the look and feel of each room. We expertly combine different lighting fixtures, such as ambient, task, and accent lighting, to create layers of illumination that enhance the overall atmosphere. With the integration of smart lighting controls, you can easily adjust lighting levels to suit different occasions and moods.

Entertainment Spaces

In addition to enhancing living spaces, Arsight can create stunning entertainment areas that become the focal point of social gatherings and celebrations. Whether it's a cozy fire pit area, a kitchen with all the amenities, or a pergola-covered dining space, we design environments that encourage spending quality time with loved ones, making it a true extension of your living space.

Bedroom in Chelsea Apartment, by Arsight

Home Additions and Expansion

If you need more space in your home but love your current location, home additions and expansions are an ideal solution. Arsight can skillfully expand your home to meet your growing needs while maintaining architectural harmony with the existing structure. Whether it's adding a new bedroom, a home office, or a sun room, Arsight ensures that the new addition seamlessly integrates into your home's overall design.

Personalize with Art and Decor

Arsight studio recognizes that personalizing your home with art and decor is an essential aspect of home remodeling. We work with you to curate and display art pieces that resonate with your personality and style. By selecting the right decorative elements, such as rugs, curtains, and accent pieces, Arsight ensures that your home reflects your individuality, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Expert Project Management

A successful home remodeling project requires expert project management to ensure everything runs smoothly and within the agreed timelines. Arsight's team of professionals excels in project management, coordinating various trades and tasks with precision. We keep you informed throughout the process, ensuring that your remodeling journey is stress-free and enjoyable.


With Arsight interior design studio as your partner in home remodeling and interior design, the possibilities to transform your home are endless. From embracing open concept living to creating luxurious bathrooms and integrating smart home technology, our expertisezs spans a wide range of remodeling solutions. Our commitment to sustainability, attention to detail, and dedication to customer satisfaction sets them apart as a leading home remodeling company.

Whether you're looking to revamp a specific room or embark on a complete home transformation, we have the vision and expertise to bring your dream home to life. With our innovative ideas, personalized approach, and passion for design, we turn houses into homes that embody comfort, style, and sustainability. Take the first step towards revitalizing your living spaces with us, and experience the magic of home remodeling at its finest.

Artem Kropovinsky is an author, interior designer and the founder of Arsight, a globally award-winning design firm based in New York. With over decade of experience, Arsight specializes in complex projects, including new constructions, complete residential renovations, restaurants, and retail stores.