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Scarsdale House

The Scarsdale House project allowed us to take a stylistically pure and modern approach to a space while coexisting with the Scarsdale-owned aesthetic. A full custom kitchen remodel and expansion, combined neutral materials with rough and sleek finishes to create a welcoming, modern space to gather and entertain.


Scarsdale, NY

Project Area

1,890 ft2





Scarsdale House

Melding European flair, Scarsdale's classic vibe, and a dash of Scandinavian-modern, this space is where old meets new in style. Centered on the client's love for art and good company, it's clearly inspired by the wife's artsy side: open shelves, cool plants, and big art pieces scream relaxed elegance.

There is a big table with a garden view, perfect for those long dinners and chats. The room's showstopper? A roomy kitchen island with a neat chiseled countertop, calling everyone to cook and hang out.

The two-toned kitchen is custom-made coolness with a hint of contrast. While it looks sleek, there's sneaky storage everywhere, ensuring it's practical yet airy. Designed for today, but in a few years, it'll still have folks saying, “That’s incredible”.

New York dining room by Arsight with oak table, chairs, brass pendant light, and white window vase
Oversized artwork on oak flooring in New York dining room with dining chairs by Arsight interior design