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Tribeca Apartment

A narrative within the walls of this Tribeca apartment was created utilizing fluted plaster for a unique, hand-troweled interior. Inspired by the nature of elements, the space brought together a mix of stone, sand, clay and wood, as well as highlighting the perfections and imperfections within the architecture and furnishings.


New York, NY

Project Area

760 ft2





Tribeca Apartment

In Tribeca, NYC, we breathed life into a home for a family led by intuition rather than fleeting trends. Drawing from eclectic non-architectural sources, our design revered the raw, harmoniously merging rough textures with high-end FF&E, creating an inviting ambience. The hand-troweled plaster walls, a meticulously hand-carved kitchen island, and custom recessed sconces are testament to our attention to detail.

Weighty linen curtains ensure seamless transitions across rooms. Each space, while modern, emanates a timeless, lived-in aura, where walls whisper tales of human touch and craft.

This project earned the distinction of being an honored finalist in the SBID International Design Awards.