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Heywear Lab

Revolutionizing retail in Midtown Manhattan: a fluid fusion of shopping, customer journey, and events. Dive into our modular design, where brand ethos and innovation collide seamlessly.


New York, NY

Project Area

2,100 ft2





Heywear Lab

Nestled in Midtown Manhattan, we innovatively sculpted a space blending retail, customer experience research, and events. Our design hinges on a modular set, allowing a swift transformation. In just an hour, the layout can shift, fine-tuning the sales trajectory.

Central to our design is its malleability. We utilized dense velvet drapery as partitions, achieving aesthetic allure and functional sound dampening. Such versatility paves the way for diverse zones—from eye care stations to relaxation areas.

The design draws from the brand's commitment to versatility, transparency, and inclusiveness. A neutral backdrop of white brick and wooden floors is contrasted by vibrant curtain accents, echoing the brand's ethos and offering a warm welcome to all visitors.

Manhattan retail store wire shelving with books, accessories, plants, and decor by Arsight interior design, NYC
Round mirror reflecting custom brick veneer pegboard displays and glasses in NYC retail store by Arsight interior designers
Black wire shelving with plants, accessories, and books in NYC retail store waiting area by Arsight interior decorator
Girl holding black-framed glasses in NYC retail store designed by Arsight interior designer new york
Dark blue signage on white wall in Manhattan retail store by Arsight interior design, New York
Front view of New York retail store and office with green velvet partition and pegboards by Arsight nyc apartment interior design